What is a Day Hospital?

img-20160722-wa0020Day Hospital Surgery Facilities are modern health care facilities focused on the provision of short procedure surgical services as well as diagnostic procedures, which need to be performed in an operating theatre on a same-day basis.

Day Surgery Facilities throughout the world have transformed the surgical experience for millions of doctors and patients by providing them with a more convenient alternative to hospital based surgery, achieving the highest possible quality standards and positive patient experiences on a cost effective basis.

Day Hospitals are the ideal alternative for children requiring same day surgery as the trauma of overnight stays are eliminated.

Why utilize Day Hospitals?

dsc_1760The magnitude of Hospital cost increases in South Africa has grown in magnitude and is well documented. Figures in annual reports of the Council for Medical Schemes show that, in the twenty years from 1990 to 2010, hospital expenditure rose from R5 billion to R76 billion. Figures show that hospitalization cost constitutes some 37% or more of medical schemes expenditure and it growing.

This fast growing and disproportionate increase in hospital cost is not unique to South Africa. It is an international trend. For this reason a cost effective alternative to general hospitalisation, namely day hospitals, is considered to be an answer to curb hospitalisation costs. Making use of day hospitals just makes sense!

img_6169In The United States and Australia the split between number of acute and day hospitals are close to 50/50. However in South Africa the split is approximately 80/20 or less, indicating that the private hospitalisation market is controlled by hospitals groups. This, however, is changing as day hospitals are being constructed all over South Africa. The cost advantages that day hospitals offer health funders and patients is the stimulus to this improved balance between general and day hospital utilisation.

60% of all surgical procedures can be performed in a day hospital and currently it is estimated that currently only 7% of these procedures are performed in day hospitals.