Ear Nose & Throat (ENT)

Procedure name Common name Description
Adenoidectomy Removal of adenoids The surgical removal of the adenoids (small lumps of glandular tissue that lie behind the nose) – normally removed during tonsillectomy.
Antrostomy Sinus drainage The surgical creation of, or enlargement of the opening into the maxillary sinus, usually for drainage purposes.
BAHA ( Bone Anchor External hearing Device) Hearing aid implant BAHA is a surgically implanted system for the treatment of hearing loss, in people who cannot benefit from conventional hearing aids.
DPP (Diagnostic Proof Puncture) Sinus rinse Rinsing of the sinuses under general anaesthetic, to treat acute sinusitis.
Electro Cauterization Nose bleed treatment Electro cauterization, usually used during tonsillectomies, or to prevent nose bleeds.
Myringotomy Grommets The drainage of an infected middle ear. A ventilation tube is often inserted.
Reduction of nose fracture Straighten broken nose A procedure under local or general anaesthesia to straighten a broken nose.
Rhinoplasty Nose job Plastic surgery of the nose
Septoplasty Straightening nasal septum The surgical procedure performed to straighten the nasal septum (the wall between the left and right sides of the nose).
Tonsillectomy Removal of tonsils The surgical removal of the tonsils (glandular tissue on either side of the throat responsible for fighting infection).
Turbinectomy Remove turbinate bone Surgery to the nose to remove part of the turbinate bone, usually to improve breathing.
Tympanoplasty  Eardrum repair Reconstructive surgery performed to reconstruct or repair a perforated eardrum.