Centurion Day Hospital: Quality day surgery, the affordable option

The new Centurion Day Hospital is situated in the heart of Centurion. The footprint makes it possible to serve the growing community in the Centurion area and surrounds. Easily accessible via major highways, the hospital is also within easy reach of all patients from the greater Tshwane area. The licence for a new day hospital in Centurion was granted by the Gauteng Department of Health as there was a great need for a day hospital closely situated to the Netcare Unitas Hospital in Centurion (1km by car). The tranquil setting of the hospital, overlooking the Gautrain and the N14 Highway promises to add to the positive experience of patients and doctors alike.

There was a driving force to create an exceptional day hospital, with the patients and doctors experience and wellbeing at its epi-centre. Centurion Day Hospital is ultimately set to become the location of choice in Centurion for doctors and specialists who wish take advantage of the benefits offered to patients and themselves by performing suitable day surgery procedures.