Kids Corner

Centurion Day Hospital pride ourselves to have a child friendly facility ensuring a positive hospital experience for little patients and parents. We make sure that the children that visit us are very comfortable and relaxed. Before submission there is a special kid’s corner in the reception area where children can play, draw or watch children’s programs on their own TV.

Our Children’s waiting room was designed as a play room with toys, teddy bears and play area. They hardly notice the nurses and anaesthetist taking their weight or blood pressure before the procedure. They also receive a beautiful hospital t-shirt to make them feel more special.

We have a special children’s ward with beautiful pictures, bedding and more teddy bears making sure children are as calm as possible before entering theatre. We try to show nervous little patients the theatre before they get ready for the procedure. Parents are allowed to accompany kids into theatre and leave once they are sleeping.

Most children want to come back to play some more. But we don’t let them leave empty handed. We have a special bag that they can take home with a colouring book, pencils and some snacks to treat them for being brave.