Benefits for Doctors

Advantages for Doctors utilising a Day Hospital include:

More than 60% of all surgical interventions can be attended to safely in a day hospital.
The international growth in day-hospital utilisation is the result of the ever-increasing sophistication of surgical training, techniques and equipment, notably less intrusive laparoscopic procedures which substantially reduce patient recovery time.

  • Quick patient turnaround, with spin-off advantages associated with higher productivity for surgeons, anaesthetists and staff
  • Low risk of infections as day hospitals admit healthy patients only.
  • No staff shifts/rotation – work with the people you know
  • Nursing staff involved in all aspects of the patients stay
  • Assistance with pre-authorizations
  • Flexible and negotiable co-payments to make surgical procedures possible for your patients
  • Complimentary session rooms at the hospital if you need to consult with patients prior to surgery
  • Be part of system – Medical aid will channel patients
  • Day Clinic is a safer / easier controllable environment, less risk
  • Doctors form part of the system to reduce costs for the industry
  • Lower costs for the same procedures in acute hospitals

Medical practitioners stand to increase their income as other medical schemes follow Discovery’s incentive to curb scheme expenditure on hospitalisation costs.  There was an announcement by Discovery Health that it will pay surgeons a 30% surcharge on approved surgery fees for procedures performed in a day hospital. It is expected that other health funders will follow suite.